Dr Mansoor Anwar Habib

Mansoor Anwar

Dr. Habib obtained his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2001. Thereafter he returned to UAE and worked in government hospitals and clinics for 9 years during which he obtained further specialty degrees in family medicine and occupational health.

In 2010 he was head–hunted by the Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (du) to establish an in-house staff clinic and dedicated wellness department. As a result the wellness department won a prestigious award by the government of Dubai in 2014 for the employee wellness program implemented in the company.

In 2016 he was given the task of ensuring employee happiness in addition to their wellness. Dr. Habib is also the regional chair of the international association of worksite health promotion (IAWHP). He helped promote wellness in the Arabian Gulf region via active participation in related webinars, seminars and conferences including wellness congress in Orlando in 2015. In addition he chaired the wellness task force at Dubai Chambers.

Dr. Habib writes regular wellness related articles in various newspapers and magazines around the country. Recently he published a wellness related book ‘the broken carpenter door’ in Arabic which includes insights of UAE health and lifestyle culture.