Wellbeing at Work Event Launches in Dubai after huge success in Europe

It’s proven: employees working for organisations with a comprehensive wellbeing programme in place are more productive, they are happier, take fewer sickness days, have a higher level of commitment and are more likely to recommend the company to others. The number of employers introducing innovative and progressive wellbeing initiatives, in large and small businesses, is growing. But, there are still an awful lot of companies who don’t have a programme in place and it’s a subject that requires a lot more exploration.

The Wellbeing at Work Event is a one-day conference that will give HR professionals and business owners the opportunity to hear from wellbeing in the workplace leaders and pioneers who have implemented change that has resulted in successes for employees and business. The Event will dispel the myth that wellbeing in the workplace is extraneous and instead should be considered as integral to the success of any business. The results are staggering and the case studies presented and discussed, will demonstrate that a well constructed well-being programme that engages employees does improve performance and results.

As organisers of the Event, Sonas Events Ltd, would like to provide a forum and voice for the business community in the UAE, in which they can come together to learn the tools to implement a wellbeing programme that delivers results. As experienced high-level business event organisers with personal experience of good and bad wellbeing initiatives, we’re confident that the Event will be rewarding for all attendees and ultimately contribute to positive change in the workplace environment.

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